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Starting from ZSCO belief and commitment to develop its human assets, coping with the most recent technologies, and meeting up to date administrative and operational standards .. Recently ZSCO board decided to start ISO 9001:2008 preparation process.

ISO 9001:2008 preparation is a leading project among Iraqi private sector businesses, ISO 9001:2008 will help ZSCO to increase its clients’ satisfaction level , meet their technical and legal requirements at the same time ensure meeting international procedures and standards.

Finally, ZSCO administration assures their commitment to continue utilizing modern management theories and methodologies, and applying most recent technological solutions to exceed ZSCO customers’ expectations and fulfill their needs.

On march 2014 ZSCO opened it passenger vehicle plant, the first of its type in Iraq, in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Industry & Minerals at AL ISAKNDARIA, BABIL.

Deputy prime minister for power issues, Industry & Minerals minister, BAIBIL mayor, and other government official, business men, diplomats, and others attended the opening ceremony in the 3rd of March.

ZSCO passenger vehicles plants was established in cooperation with the Iraqi ministry of Industry & Minerals, State Company for Automotive Industry on 340.000 m² with /2/ production lines, /20/ vehicles per hour capacity, and  a total investment exceeds 100 million USD.

The plant produces different models with the latest technologies and features in the industry, meeting the most recent quality and safety international standards
ZSCO passenger vehicles plant represents is a real milestone in Iraq contemporary history, since it will contribute in enhancing Iraq industrial position, beside its various development and economic positive effects from creating about /3000/ direct job opportunities and /10.000/ indirect ones to meeting the local demand for modern standardized vehicles..etc.

The charity event of the Beit Al Anwaar Humanitarian Organization.

On the occasion of the World Orphan Day, a charity event has been held by the Beit Al Anwaar Humanitarian Organization on Wednesday 9 Apr. 2014, included a large number of orphaned children and those responsible for them. The ceremony was held under the auspices of the Zamzam Spring Group of Companies.


The event was held at Albenouk forum in Baghdad and in the presence of representatives of the Zamzam Group, and have been providing aid to tens of orphaned children and needy families, contribute to the improvement of their living conditions. The Beit Al Anwaar Humanitarian Organization, honored the Zamzam Ggroup for its continued support to them in their activities and events to help orphaned children and needy families .

It is noteworthy that the Zamzam Group is to provide support and assistance for the Beit Al Anwaar Humanitarian Organization on a monthly basis along with other non-profit organizations as a contribution to shoulder its responsibility towards the Iraqi society and its development role as well as its service and economic development for Iraq .

In collaboration with partner ZamZam Spring Group, Volvo Group Trucks recently inaugurated two new truck centers in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Basra.

The first truck centre was inaugurated in Baghdad on 29 May, with a VIP ceremony involving over 290 guests including the Swedish Ambassador to Iraq, Jorgen Lindstrom. Two days later, a second truck centre was opened in the city of Basra, southern Iraq.

Despite many challenges and extremely difficult circumstances, the two new facilities were constructed in a record time of 14 months. In addition to their partnership with ZamZam, the project also received support from Volvo Trucks in Turkey, Iran, Dubai and head office in Gothenburg.

Both truck centers are amongst the most modern in the region, and offer standards higher than many workshops in Europe. The Baghdad truck centre includes an central import warehouse, a five-bay workshop, body repair workshop, painting garage and a technical training centre.

With this project, we have set a new standard in the region, which will be nearly impossible for our competitors to match;’ says Stefan Soenchen, Business Director Iraq, TSM EMEA.

Dream come true ..

The Ministry of Industry and Mines / State Company for Automotive Industry has succeeded in completion of installing the Machinery and Equipment of the strategic production lines to assemble sedan cars, and the transition has begin from assemblage stage of semi knocked down automotive components to the assemblage stage of complete knocked down automotive components, and by the opening of the production lines on 1st Oct. 2013, which would be considered as a quality leap in the national auto industry and the project which will yield (120,000) cars a year,

will be one of the strategic projects which by that IRAQ will become as part of the countries that assemblage and manufactures cars, achieving the ambitious dream of the government and the citizen by manufacturing Iraqi cars and since this project has the importance from several perspectives including economic, industrial and commercial where the vehicles industry its alone provide millions of jobs on a global scale, but the industry that feeder autos it’s not less important than its industry, where it is providing more jobs than provided by industrialization and there is a million more working in the related business of auto industry such as after sale service centers and maintenance and other services. And this industry would help the economy through the huge consumption of products, for example but not limited to this, and by the simple language of numbers, the car model needs to more than 680 kg of iron and 90 kg of plastics and 45 kg of each of the rubber, aluminum and other. And you can’t deny the importance of the automotive industry to stimulate economic growth in developing countries as they develop broad areas of business and supported by many developing countries that look to the future of their countries and to the establishment of factories for vehicles and that is for the extreme importance. Iraq is not less importance or efficiency or environment or economy than of those countries, even it outperform on others in a lot of things, so it is imperative that there be a serious look at the growth and development of this vital and important matter due to the repercussions on the national economy in terms of resettlement of Iraqi capitals and attract global investment. Finally remained to know that the auto industry is characterized by stimulating the complementary industries group which will develop by the development of key industry such as a glass factory,  exhaust factories, plastic factories, tires, batteries, and the list goes on. And should not be overlooked moral side in the automotive industry, where this industry is entrance of heavy industries that ensure the independence and community self-reliance and the activation of the capabilities of the nation’s youth.

Shanghai Auto Show is one of the most celebrated international annual fair which is held in China every year. Let say all the world-reputed automobile manufacturers participate in this memorable occasion and it is the apt situation for experts of automotive industry to meet each other in order to exchange the most modernized and updated notions and live out their dreams. In this way, through effective presence in this auto show and observing the vast variety of global brandsfurther to sharing tips of technology with pioneers of automotive industry, the management board of our company is determined to promote this industry in Iraq as it deserves. Customer satisfaction is the main aim of our company achieved through years of experience, recognizing market demand, precision in production, and rendering excellent after sales services.

By the grace of God , the maintenance workshop for American Mack trucks and Swedish Volvo trucks has been opened.

This workshop was opened on 31-5- 2013 in Hamdan district, opposite to the Industrial zone in the province of Basra.

The opening ceremony was attended by members of the provincial council in Basra and in the presence of Mr. Ali Chasib the Chairman of the Basra Investment Organization and other members of the Parliament, where the ceremony began with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran and then began Mr. Wael Shuqair the opening speech and then Mr. Ghadeer Al Attar the Executive Director of Zamzam Spring Group of Companies, gave a speech on the occasion of the opening and thanked the Chairman of the Board and General Manager of the Group Mr. Baqir Al Mashat for his continued support,  also Mr. Ghadeer Al Attar has pointed to the importance of investment in Basra and the importance of the existence of this institution in Basra which has investment and economic progress, and stressed the necessity of support by government to the private sector and investment sector.

Then Mr. Wael Shoqair began to give a presentation about maintenance workshop and engineering design and construction, and the total area which is considered as the second largest workshop in the Middle East after Baghdad which is the first in the region, and also the daily capacity of the workshop. Afterward it was a reconnaissance tour for attendees to visit most of the sectors and workshop buildings, which concluded via cutting the ribbon of the administrative building and maintenance workshop by Mr. Adnan Ahmed Razeen, the Director General of the State Company for Automotive industry.

Volvo opens the first center of trucks maintenance in Iraq, the largest one in the Middle East


AL-Mada press/ Baghdad

The State company for Automobile industry in the IraqiMinistry of industry and minerals announced on Wednesday that Volvo Swedish company opened the largest maintenance center in the Middle East in the north of Baghdad, while the Swedish side expressed that the inauguration reflects the close cooperation between the two countries The secretary of the Swedish company in Iraq confirmed that the center will provide 200 jobs for people in the region.

” Today, Volvo company opens  the first maintenance center for the trucks in Iraq in Auawarej area belongs to Al- Mahmudiya district( 25 km north of Baghdad), and they opens during the next two days another center in Basra governorate ( about 590 km south of Baghdad)” , and considering  this step ” is a complementary step for the production of Volvo trucks in Iraq by The State company for Automobile industry in accordance with a previous contract between the company ” , Adnan Ahmed, General Manager of The State company for Automobile industry in the Iraqi Ministry  of industry and minerals saysin an interview with Al-Mada press.

” Swedish Ambassador Jurgen Lndstrm expressed his overwhelming happiness for the opening  of Volvo maintenance center considering it one of the most important and largest centers in the Middle East” and he clarified that ” the inauguration of Volvo maintenance center in Iraq due to the close relationship between Iraq and Sweden , and confirmed  the Sweden appreciation for the economic and trade relations with the Iraqi side , at both levels of the government or the privet sector ” Jurgen Lndstrm says in an interview with Al-Mada press

” The center is an important step to provide better services to users of the Swedish Volvo trucks in Iraq, adding that the total center area about 14,000m2 and contains four massive structures for spare parts ,bodies servicing and trucks repairing  as well as an  Administrative center for after sales service” and mentioned “the center will employ 200 member between technician and managerial exclusively of Iraqis”  Bagher AL-Mashatt , General Manager  for ZamZam Spring Company for Trading Automobile, as  Volvo agent  in Iraq, his says in an interview with Al-Mada press.

” the center considered as an estimation to Al- Mahmudiya district and a gain in the field of trade and industry , especially that Volvo is one of the famous brands in the automotive world on a global level, adding that  administrative of the district expressed their full cooperation for the establishment of this center, especially that the company promised to employ the sons of the district in the center ” the Mayor of Al- Mahmudiya district says , Jaber Faraj AL- klabi  , in an interview with AL-Mada  press.

Swedish Trade Minister announced during the opening of a branch of Volvo in Baghdad on( 21 /May in the last year 2012) for her country’s desire to expand horizons of cooperation with Iraq at all levels , describing Iraq as one of the very important countries for Sweden in the Middle East.

The Volvo has contracted over the last year with the Iraqi Zamzam spring company on the marketing, production and providing after-sales services for specialized trucks produced by Volvo and has clarified that the partnership agreement concluded between them and the Zamzam Spring and the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals included assembly operations, production, sales, and after-sales service ,confirming  the start of installing  the production line in the State company for Automobile industry in Alexandria ( 60 km north of Hela , the center of Babylon,100 km south of Baghdad) for producing heavy trucks with specialized uses of all municipal services as well as dump trucks ,tankers of water and fuel with quality specifications , Confirmed that it is eager for opening four large central workshops in Baghdad, Basra , Arbil, Dohuk and quick service and maintenance stations in all Iraqi provinces.

Volvo is a Swedish company to manufacture cars and heavy trucks established in 1927, one of the major companies in manufacturing globalautomobiles, and the first one which introduced seat belts in cars. The name of Volvo in Swedish language (I’m walking or I’m rolling).






According to the development of “after sales services” and improvement of customers service in our company, we have founded  a “Call Center” No. 3321, and get prepared to receive any claims and comments from our clients.

In order to develop economic infrastructure and the employment in Iraq, Zamzam spring  group of companies cooperating with State Company for Automobile Industry  and with a support of Iraqi government has started to install a Strategic production lines for salon cars ,This project will be come in to work in the first part of 2013 and we would like to show the outlines of this project:

Site Total Area : 340,000 m*m

Total Capacity : 110,000 Vehicle/Year

Working time : 22 Hours/ Day

Working Shifts : 3 Shifts/Day

Working Days : 250/ Year

Capacity : 20 Vehicle/ Hours

Production Brand : LIFAN,BYD

Number Of Active Worker s  : 1600 Person

Number of non Active Workers : 7500 Person