About us

ZSCO is one of the most celebrated and extensive group of companies in Iraq in fields of automobiles and machinery including comprehensive operations of production, importation, and distribution of passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as all equipment utilized in various projects of construction, transportation, and services.

The economic rehabilitation policy in Iraq since 2003 expanded opportunities for attracting international expertise in automotive sector. Meanwhile, ZSCO has initiated its commercial operation in Baghdad and after spending 10 years of practical experience, ZSCO found its deserved place in Iraqi market. Nowadays ZSCO is aptly considered as a pioneer group in automotive market with regard to market share and sales volume. Above all, ZSCO is honored to play a significant role in national economic rehabilitation.

ZSCO has duly acknowledged through its strategic management the necessity for domestic vehicle assembly and has triumphantly realized such ambition through a wealth of experience and strong international relationship. ZSCO has made a massive investment in establishing the first passenger car plant in Iraq with annual production capacity of 120,000 units as well as the first plant for assembly operation of commercial vehicles with annual assembly capacity of 5,000 units.

ZSCO plants and premises have created thousands of job offers and stimulated domestic investments instead of foreign ones.

ZSCO boasts a highly qualified management board including those sophisticated managers who are profoundly experienced in fields of industry and automotive trading.  ZSCO excellent roles as a great distributor and capable partner throughout Iraq are due to active presence of aforementioned managers.


ZSCO outlook

Leadership in automotive industry, trading, and the related services in Iraq

ZSCO objectives

1)      Supplying the market with high quality products appropriate for customer demand from every aspect and supported by great after sales services.

2)      Satisfying the dealers for the aim of leadership in the market

3)      Creating sales and after sales networks in comply with international standards and ensuring the best purchasing experience with complete satisfaction.

ZSCO philosophy

1)      Promoting high quality products supported by great after sales services

2)      Considering dealers as the main focus of attention and striving to satisfy their needs

3)      Highest level of moral commitment in transaction with dealers and importers

4)      Commitment to long term objectives based on respected principles

5)      Actualizing leadership through perfect commercial operations

6)      Faith in human resources as an indispensable part of successful business

ZSCO strategy

Includes activities such as importation, sales, after sales services, production, and distribution in various markets of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and agricultural equipment to play the role of active partner in various market throughout Iraq

There are also many projects under development such as the third vehicle plant and the forth plant for manufacturing truck mounted bodies as well as improvement of numerous showrooms.

ZSCO sales network is also considered as the major network in Iraq with more than 25 sales and distribution center trusted in 10 after sales service center.

Iraq is our fortified base for expansion into Middle East