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The charity event of the Beit Al Anwaar Humanitarian Organization.

On the occasion of the World Orphan Day, a charity event has been held by the Beit Al Anwaar Humanitarian Organization on Wednesday 9 Apr. 2014, included a large number of orphaned children and those responsible for them. The ceremony was held under the auspices of the Zamzam Spring Group of Companies.


The event was held at Albenouk forum in Baghdad and in the presence of representatives of the Zamzam Group, and have been providing aid to tens of orphaned children and needy families, contribute to the improvement of their living conditions. The Beit Al Anwaar Humanitarian Organization, honored the Zamzam Ggroup for its continued support to them in their activities and events to help orphaned children and needy families .

It is noteworthy that the Zamzam Group is to provide support and assistance for the Beit Al Anwaar Humanitarian Organization on a monthly basis along with other non-profit organizations as a contribution to shoulder its responsibility towards the Iraqi society and its development role as well as its service and economic development for Iraq .