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Dream come true ..

The Ministry of Industry and Mines / State Company for Automotive Industry has succeeded in completion of installing the Machinery and Equipment of the strategic production lines to assemble sedan cars, and the transition has begin from assemblage stage of semi knocked down automotive components to the assemblage stage of complete knocked down automotive components, and by the opening of the production lines on 1st Oct. 2013, which would be considered as a quality leap in the national auto industry and the project which will yield (120,000) cars a year,

will be one of the strategic projects which by that IRAQ will become as part of the countries that assemblage and manufactures cars, achieving the ambitious dream of the government and the citizen by manufacturing Iraqi cars and since this project has the importance from several perspectives including economic, industrial and commercial where the vehicles industry its alone provide millions of jobs on a global scale, but the industry that feeder autos it’s not less important than its industry, where it is providing more jobs than provided by industrialization and there is a million more working in the related business of auto industry such as after sale service centers and maintenance and other services. And this industry would help the economy through the huge consumption of products, for example but not limited to this, and by the simple language of numbers, the car model needs to more than 680 kg of iron and 90 kg of plastics and 45 kg of each of the rubber, aluminum and other. And you can’t deny the importance of the automotive industry to stimulate economic growth in developing countries as they develop broad areas of business and supported by many developing countries that look to the future of their countries and to the establishment of factories for vehicles and that is for the extreme importance. Iraq is not less importance or efficiency or environment or economy than of those countries, even it outperform on others in a lot of things, so it is imperative that there be a serious look at the growth and development of this vital and important matter due to the repercussions on the national economy in terms of resettlement of Iraqi capitals and attract global investment. Finally remained to know that the auto industry is characterized by stimulating the complementary industries group which will develop by the development of key industry such as a glass factory,  exhaust factories, plastic factories, tires, batteries, and the list goes on. And should not be overlooked moral side in the automotive industry, where this industry is entrance of heavy industries that ensure the independence and community self-reliance and the activation of the capabilities of the nation’s youth.