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Volvo opens the first center of trucks maintenance in Iraq, the largest one in the Middle East


AL-Mada press/ Baghdad

The State company for Automobile industry in the IraqiMinistry of industry and minerals announced on Wednesday that Volvo Swedish company opened the largest maintenance center in the Middle East in the north of Baghdad, while the Swedish side expressed that the inauguration reflects the close cooperation between the two countries The secretary of the Swedish company in Iraq confirmed that the center will provide 200 jobs for people in the region.

” Today, Volvo company opens  the first maintenance center for the trucks in Iraq in Auawarej area belongs to Al- Mahmudiya district( 25 km north of Baghdad), and they opens during the next two days another center in Basra governorate ( about 590 km south of Baghdad)” , and considering  this step ” is a complementary step for the production of Volvo trucks in Iraq by The State company for Automobile industry in accordance with a previous contract between the company ” , Adnan Ahmed, General Manager of The State company for Automobile industry in the Iraqi Ministry  of industry and minerals saysin an interview with Al-Mada press.

” Swedish Ambassador Jurgen Lndstrm expressed his overwhelming happiness for the opening  of Volvo maintenance center considering it one of the most important and largest centers in the Middle East” and he clarified that ” the inauguration of Volvo maintenance center in Iraq due to the close relationship between Iraq and Sweden , and confirmed  the Sweden appreciation for the economic and trade relations with the Iraqi side , at both levels of the government or the privet sector ” Jurgen Lndstrm says in an interview with Al-Mada press

” The center is an important step to provide better services to users of the Swedish Volvo trucks in Iraq, adding that the total center area about 14,000m2 and contains four massive structures for spare parts ,bodies servicing and trucks repairing  as well as an  Administrative center for after sales service” and mentioned “the center will employ 200 member between technician and managerial exclusively of Iraqis”  Bagher AL-Mashatt , General Manager  for ZamZam Spring Company for Trading Automobile, as  Volvo agent  in Iraq, his says in an interview with Al-Mada press.

” the center considered as an estimation to Al- Mahmudiya district and a gain in the field of trade and industry , especially that Volvo is one of the famous brands in the automotive world on a global level, adding that  administrative of the district expressed their full cooperation for the establishment of this center, especially that the company promised to employ the sons of the district in the center ” the Mayor of Al- Mahmudiya district says , Jaber Faraj AL- klabi  , in an interview with AL-Mada  press.

Swedish Trade Minister announced during the opening of a branch of Volvo in Baghdad on( 21 /May in the last year 2012) for her country’s desire to expand horizons of cooperation with Iraq at all levels , describing Iraq as one of the very important countries for Sweden in the Middle East.

The Volvo has contracted over the last year with the Iraqi Zamzam spring company on the marketing, production and providing after-sales services for specialized trucks produced by Volvo and has clarified that the partnership agreement concluded between them and the Zamzam Spring and the Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals included assembly operations, production, sales, and after-sales service ,confirming  the start of installing  the production line in the State company for Automobile industry in Alexandria ( 60 km north of Hela , the center of Babylon,100 km south of Baghdad) for producing heavy trucks with specialized uses of all municipal services as well as dump trucks ,tankers of water and fuel with quality specifications , Confirmed that it is eager for opening four large central workshops in Baghdad, Basra , Arbil, Dohuk and quick service and maintenance stations in all Iraqi provinces.

Volvo is a Swedish company to manufacture cars and heavy trucks established in 1927, one of the major companies in manufacturing globalautomobiles, and the first one which introduced seat belts in cars. The name of Volvo in Swedish language (I’m walking or I’m rolling).